Laboratory Technicians

Sukanya Dayal

Sukanya is a recent graduate from Cornell University, where she majored in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. Her passion for marine conservation research was confirmed after she participated in the Cornell Ocean Research Apprenticeship for Lynch Scholars program, run by Drs. Drew Harvell and Charles Greene. During this program, she was involved with student-lead research projects studying the health of coral reefs in Hawaii and eelgrass meadows in the Pacific Northwest. Sukanya later became an intern in Dr. Harvell's lab, where she helped conduct in-depth field surveys to document the prevalence and severity of eelgrass wasting disease around the San Juan Islands in Washington. This past summer, she met Dr. Burge while taking the Ecology of Infectious Marine Diseases course at the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Labs. Sukanya is now working as a lab technician for the Aquatic Animal Health lab and is very excited to expand her knowledge of marine disease ecology.