Welcome Aboard, Project Advocacy

We warmly welcome Project Advocacy to Harbor Launch and to Baltimore.

Project Advocacy is tackling part of an important problem: the fragmented and ad-hoc healthcare landscape in the US. It costs 18% of the US GDP and yet delivers inferior outcomes compared to those abroad. The impacts of this problem are more acutely felt by underserved and vulnerable populations.

Efforts toward a more effective and equitable healthcare system rarely incorporate the people they intend to help – patients. Digital health is starting to change that and is becoming an integral part of the healthcare mix. Online patient communities are a great example of digital health in action. Patients conversing online can be a more effective intervention than many medications.

What’s more, these communities allow researchers and advocacy organizations to engage with patients in meaningful ways. For example, patients may weigh-in on the design of a clinical trial or articulate what having a chronic condition is actually like in the “real world”. These insights can drive better studies, more effective advocacy, and better tools for care navigation.

Ultimately, digital patient engagement can lead to improved health outcomes and reduced health disparities – but it’s not easy or efficient. Many organizations don’t have the in-house expertise necessary to fully utilize its capabilities. That’s where Project Advocacy comes in.

Project Advocacy is a consultancy that facilitates patient engagement in the digital health environment to enable more effective advocacy, research and education. They design programs that can empower patients to be their own advocates and actively practice well informed self-care. All healthcare stakeholders are part of this process so that patients can connect with each other and receive curated information from trusted sources.

Project Advocacy’s Founder and Executive Director, Rolf Taylor

Project Advocacy is led by Rolf Taylor. Rolf’s experience with digital health, communications, corporate partnerships, and patient engagement for non-profit and pharma organizations have prepared him well to make the leap into his own venture.

“Empowered patients are their own best resource.” — Rolf Taylor, Founder and Executive Director, Project Advocacy.

Project Advocacy believes that if anything is going to defragment our health systems, it is going to be digital health, and the extensive digital patient engagement this new era has enabled. They are excited to scale what’s been proven in principle so that the majority of patients can benefit.

And we’re excited to have them doing that here in Baltimore and at Harbor Launch at IMET.

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