Welcome, Delta Omics, Inc.

We warmly welcome Delta Omics, Inc. to Harbor Launch.

Delta Omics, Inc. is a proteomics consultation startup. While technical advances have made $1,000 personal genome sequencing possible, reaching beyond the “blueprint” to uncover the actual proteins present in and across systems is still a mix of art and science.

Technologies combining mass spectrometry with advanced sample preparation tools and quantitative methods enable large-scale protein studies in a wide range of biological samples, such as quantitative analysis of PTM proteomics, protein complex/interactome analysis, proteogenomics and more. However, proteomics projects feature multiple stumbling blocks, such as poor initial study design, suboptimal technology fit and protocols, and struggles translating data to information. Delta Omics, Inc. aims to partner with customers to remove those barriers and go from questions to answers more efficiently.

Dr. Jun Zhong, Founder and CEO of Delta Omics, Inc., is no stranger to Baltimore as a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University. After his training by Dr. Akhilesh Pandey, one of the top proteomics experts in the world, he is excited to bring his greater than 15 years proteomics experiences to bear in the form of a Baltimore-based startup.

We’re particularly excited to have Jun and Delta Omics, Inc. at Harbor Launch at IMET because of the opportunities for collaboration between the startup and IMET researchers, which is part of Harbor Launch’s core mission.

Welcome, Delta Omics, Inc.!

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