Welcome, ImmaBe

We warmly welcome ImmaBe to Harbor Launch.

ImmaBe has developed an online platform to facilitate career advising and training. The company’s founder and CEO, Landry Kouajiep, started on the prototype while in graduate school in 2012. He officially incorporated ImmaBe in 2016 and joined Harbor Launch in 2018 as he jumped into ImmaBe full-time and added to his team.

Of course, ImmaBe is incorporating some data magic to the age-old process of finding and jumping into a career path. That’s behind the scenes. For the end user, ImmaBe sees simplicity as one of their primary strengths. They are currently exploring high school and higher education markets. We’re excited to be looping them into numerous student-focused efforts right in the building and welcoming them to Baltimore.

A screenshot from ImmaBe’s career exploration platform.

 “My team and I are very proud to be part of an ecosystem that allows us to grow exponentially.  With the resources that we are provided at Harbor Launch, it’s just a matter of time before ImmaBe makes great partnerships with the Maryland school system. We believe our product will support career advisors and spark people’s brilliance and make them more confident about their future.” – Landry N. Kouajiep, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, ImmaBe.


Landry N. Kouajiep, ImmaBe CEO and Founder, settling in at Harbor Launch.

ImmaBe’s team includes 6 members bringing various technical and business development strengths. They plan to add new members to the team this coming summer.

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