Welcome, Sanexen Water

We warmly welcome the AquaPipe team of Sanexen Water to Harbor Launch.

AquaPipe is a patented water main rehabilitation technology that doesn’t require extensive digging. It is a trenchless technology — one of only a few that is NSF certified for safe use to rehabilitate drinking water pipes.

Ben Coté, President, and Ron Glive, Director of Business Development, come to Baltimore to introduce this innovative technology to Maryland where massive investments will be made to renew the aging water infrastructure.

“ Harbor Launch is a great facility that will allow us to share business strategies with other affiliate companies.  It’s a great location for our business development office and we’re excited to have a Baltimore city hub.” — Ben Côté, President AquaPipe

The core technology has been used in Canada for 18 years. AquaPipe’s presence in the U.S. began with a pilot project on Madison Avenue, NYC in 2010. AquaPipe technology can now be found in 20 states.

They have already started several projects in the county. With the way this winter has been going, we’re glad they’re here, too!

More on AquaPipe (PDF)

Ron Glive of AquaPipe settling in at Harbor Launch.




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