Welcome, TrueAlgae

We warmly welcome TrueAlgae to Harbor Launch at IMET and to Maryland. They are a startup team packed with experience, and they’re seeking to capitalize on some serious intellectual property. TrueAlgae is adapting its internationally proven algae cultivation technology to domestic markets, with target application areas in agriculture, aquaculture, and nutraceuticals.

“We’re excited to be part of an incubator that is part of such a dynamic university system and network in Baltimore and Maryland. Collaboration with academic partners is key for us, and we have already made great connections with IMET researchers.” — Ralph A. Oliver, Chief Marketing Officer, TrueAlgae.

Welcome, TrueAlgae!

Dr. Russell Hill, IMET’s Director, welcoming TrueAlgae to Harbor Launch at IMET. Photo Credit: Nick Hammond.


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