November 29, 2020

Harbor Launch at IMET: Current Incubator Companies

Meet the Harbor Launch Incubator Community

Producing high-value products with microalgae.

We engineer bio-pesticides to cure agricultural diseases;
bio-detergents for surface decontamination; and  bio-clearance agents for soil reclamation.

Biological Double-efficiency Process Wastewater Treatment Technology.

Environmental Health Consultants, LLC (EHC) was formed with a vision to develop and implement innovative solutions that will significantly address environmental and public health challenges throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Next Generation Medicines Inspired by Nature

Flavocure aims to be a leader in the transformation of the medicinal properties of natural products into new cures for mankind.

Identifying differential energy metabolism between healthy and diseased cells. Focusing on the mitochondria function.

LINKSciences, a healthcare startup originated from Johns Hopkins, develops a series of algorithms and AI tools to better science and medicine.

NDB Bio provides customized histology solutions for biomedical research scientists to accelerate their projects.

New Discovery Labs is a clinical diagnostics lab that focuses on high-complexity molecular testing. Currently, the lab is focused on COVID19 testing. The lab is also interested in developing novel cancer markers.

Developing next-generation solutions for treatment and early diagnosis of chronic and fatal respiratory diseases.  Innovative prognosis-based early intervention is a key to improving survival and cure of fatal lung conditions.

Rapid, Comprehensive, Consistently Accurate Automated Monocyte Activation Testing Technology for Pyrogen Detection

RemBac Environmental LLC, provides sustainable, eco-friendly materials and expertise for in situ bioremediation of sediments and soils contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a potentially toxic pollutant.

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