Mid Atlantic Bio Angels First Pitch – Baltimore and VakSea win!

We were excited to welcome three investors from the Mid Atlantic Bio Angels Group and an engaged, enthusiastic Baltimore startup crowd to the Columbus Center on October 26th for the “1st Pitch Life Science – Baltimore” event.

Three companies presented their best pitch, followed by Q&A from the audience and investors. Constructive criticism was the name of the game, for the benefit of the presenters and audience members listening in. The Mid Atlantic Bio Angels Group put out an official press release, and we provide more info about the event and its impacts below.

These companies took the risk and pitched in front of the investors and a large crowd…


Forrest Miller pitching for Synotrac


1st Pitch Life Science judges deliberate

VakSea – Vaccines for aquaculture that can economically be delivered to fish via feeding instead of injection.

3D Bioworks – Modular bioreactors for stem cell growth.

Synotrac – Fast, reliable detection of infection around implanted devices after surgery.

Some common tips emerged…

Clearly state the opportunity for ROI and exit. Don’t forget that the investor is in it at the end of the day to make money, not support your cool idea (even if they love your idea).

Clearly articulate the business model and what will be sold. Is it an innovative tool or services sold via the use of an innovative tool?

Find the technology talk “sweet spot”. Be techie just enough to be believable but not so techie that you lose the audience.

And the winners were…

VakSea, with collaborators  Allotropic Tech, came out on top. But another winner was the Baltimore life science startup ecosystem. In addition to the event, the Mid Atlantic Bio Angels met with several other organizations involved in strengthening and growing this community. Sharing successes and failures and learning from those of others in a format like this is a great way to strengthen our ties to the the larger Mid Atlantic region of which we’re a part.

Ken Malone of BioHealth Innovation, Inc. organized the event and was instrumental in bringing this group and event to Baltimore, in addition to sponsors Maury Donnelly & Parr Inc and Miles and Stockbridge.

The Mid Atlantic Bio Angels Group is an angel investor group focused exclusively on new and emerging life science companies. MABA angels typically meet in the New York City area to hear presentations from companies spanning the entire spectrum of life sciences. But their series, “1st Pitch Life Science“, takes the show on the road. 1st Pitch Life Science events are not a pitch to an investor; rather, they are excellent learning opportunities for the presenter and audience alike.


Casual roundtables before the main event


Judge Yaniv Sneor congratulating winner Nick Hammond